Plan your business strategy,
gather feedback and
build a high performing team.


Voice your dreams and goals to like-minded people who will hold you to account for the tasks you wish to create.


Like never before. Virtually held, grounded in people who are travelling along the same pathway in business as you.


3 month commitment

  • 2 hour monthly meetings
  • Virtual Boardroom
  • Weekly Accountability check ins
  • Social Media Engagement pod
  • Personalised peer advice
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Bring on the Beaute Boardroom!


Fuelled by brainstorming, workshopping, goal setting and accountability, Beaute Boardroom is a peer-to-peer mentoring service for the professional beauty industry, facilitating brands, business owners and managers.

Selected through careful criteria, Beaute Boardroom matches you with your 4 brand-new mentors. Harnessing a unique combination of first-hand experience, skills and expertise, your Beaute Boardroom will feature mentors specific to your industry:



See you in the Boardroom!