Affordable and effective online training, helping therapists gain confidence with client connection, consultations and recommendations, while increasing sales and exceeding client expectations.

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The BEAUTE THERAPIST difference;

Beaute Therapist is about understanding the four key metrics of value, experience, service and price - while being able to move beyond performing average treatments, through to providing an exceptional client journey. We're big on encouraging connection during consultation, and advanced conversations that create relationships and show how knowledgeable the professional therapists is.

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Anywhere, Anytime

Enough is enough! You don't need to travel lengths, attend boring classroom training or spend hundred of hours out of the treatment room to learn and upskill.

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Sales made simple

Thanks to our accessible online portal, you can now learn how to increase your retail sales, boost your rebooking percentages and smash your targets while driving to work, cleaning the clinic or walking the dogs!

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Ever wanted to help your therapists to increase their average client spend, boost rebooking percentages or add to product basket size but didn't know where to turn?

Flexible, approachable and easy to understand retail sales has never been this simple!

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All the sales and communication content your team desires!

Run by community creator and communication specialist Tamara Reid, Beaute Therapist hosts interactive videos, scripts, techniques and examples with a relatable and refreshing approach to retail sales.

Course content includes:


  • How to, close the treatment
  • The method of Prescribing, Rebooking and recommending treatment packages and overcoming our 'money stories'


  • How to take the clients booking via phone, email, in person or online
  • WOW a Clients First Impression
  • Understand the Beaute Therapist Presentation Standards and how a 10/10 therapist should present
  • Maximising the Meeting and Greeting with the Client


  • How to make the most out of the Client Consultation through connection points
  • Learn how to ask open ended questions during a consultation and build an information bank to store the answers in
  • The importance of Diagnosing and Educating your client based on their concern
  • Diagnosis and Education example and script
  • Performing an Exceptional Treatment with presence and grace


  • Introduction to Client Personality and behavioural types including ways to communicate to others and buying behaviour
  • Communicating with Dominant Clients
  • Communicating with Influence Clients
  • Communicating with Steady Clients
  • Communicating with Calculated Clients​

A beauteful testimonal from Karla McDiarmid of Macquarie Medispa

Karla thanks the Beaute Therapist program for their 'soaring sales', 'therapists confidence' and 'team learning' transferring into their client conversations.




Top features

  • Increase retail sales
  • Boost rebooking figures
  • Expand product basket size
  • Create client relationships
  • Skilled therapists

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Affordable and effective online sales training, helping therapists gain confidence with client connection, consultations and recommendations, while increasing sales and exceeding client expectations.
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